Finest Spray Atomisation

You will be amazed at the atomising technology from hadewe, which allows for the finest spray mist on the market. Our specialised spray nozzle makes it possible to work with just demineralised (purified) water without alcoholic supplements, which is better for podiatrist and patient. The skin layers are also not attacked as much as they are with alcohol. Our own spray supplement AquaHy can instead be used to kill germs and is odorless.

A powerful light source at the top of the handpiece provides a pleasant work environment even under bad light conditions.

Power Clamping System

The handpiece is equipped with a unique, patented clamping system. A chuck will open inside the handpiece by pressing the well-known hadewe knob forward. The instrument can now be entered into the unit without any resistance. This is especially important with smaller, sharp edged tools, since they can cause injury, if you need too much force to enter an instrument.

Pushing the knob back again will close the chuck, and the tool will be held very secure, even at high speeds. The tight grip also ensures the low-vibration running of the handpiece for which hadewe is famous. Conventional clamping systems with automatic clamping work with a mechanism in which rolls inside the handpiece wedge the instrument under pressure. At these systems it is not possible to enter the instrument without resistance. The handpieces with automatic clamping are also more sensitive to small deviations of tool tolerances. This will lead to higher vibration and poor holding force. That’s why the power clamping system is superior in many ways.


MB 6530 spray LED / Highlights

Spray Handpiece with Light

Memory Function

Removable Water Tank

Quality Made in Germany

The quality of our products meets highest and latest requirements, since we know that only premium products can offer professional performance. For that reason we manufacture according to highest quality standard. All processes from development to production take place in our facilities in Hanover, and you receive the whole product from a single source. Short ways, quick decisions, optimal solutions and creation of value became our company philosophy. To the benefit of our customers.

MB 6530 spray LED / Technical Data

Article No. 0586
Size in mm
(incl. exterior parts)
W 282 x H 133 x D 190
W 245 x H 133 x D 190
Weight 3,5 kg
Spray System Fine hadewe Spray Nebulation (200 ml Tank)
Voltage 230 V
Medical Device Medical Device
Foot Switch Optional Foot Switch
Carry Case Suitable for all hadewe carry cases
Speed 6.000 rpm – 40.000 rpm
Length 143 mm
Diameter 17 – 22 mm
Clamping System hadewe Power Clamping
Handpiece Motor Brushless
Weight 145 g
Instrument Shaft Size Ø 2,35 mm

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