The Jockey Stool does not push you in any specific position.

With its oval shaped  Seat and sloped edges, the jockey leaves enough room to find your own position on the stool.

Thanks to the sloped edges, the bloed in your legs keeps flowing naturally and is not pinched  off by the seat.

The stool is available without back or with back in two variants possible, the lende or kiss model.

suitable for medical use
Ergonomic saddle seat

Oval shaped and sloped edges

Robust stainless steel base and smooth rolling wheels

Adjustable height

Available in multiple colors

possibility with backrest ( Lende or Kiss)

Barber wheels

Weight:  +/- 7,5 kg.

Dimensionale: 40×28 cm (seat)

Height (min-max): 57-75 cm

Base: stainless steel, star-shaped, 5 wheels

Adjustable height: yes


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