Customize your treatment chair

Because we all love a colour full life, we would like to customize your treatment chair in the colours of your preference.

Ask about the possibilities of the upholstery.

You can determine three color parts, see the picture below.

Comfort stool

For the one who prefers a flat Traditional seating, with the advantages of a more open hip angle due to the sloping seat.

The Ergo shape design prevents pinching in the upper legs.

Sitting on the Comfort, the angle between your upper body and thigh (this is the hip angle) will be at least 110 degrees, so that your pelvis is tilted forward. Tilting your pelvis in this way means your spine retains most of the natural S-shape.

  • multiple colors possible
  • barber wheels
  • backrest Lende
  • backrest Kiss (Oval)

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