Buddy Kiss

This stool is designed to provide all day comfort.

The saddle shaped seat follows the natural curves of the body and can be adjusted under the seat, as well as the ergonomically curved backrest are fully adjustable.

The star-shaped, stainless steel base is stabel and features smooth-rolling wheels.

The high quality upholstery PU Leather is strong and easily cleaned.

Buddy Kiss

suitable for medical use

Ergonomic saddle seat

Oval shaped and sloped edges

Robust stainless steel base and smooth rolling wheels

Adjustable height

Buddy Kiss

  • Weight 10 kg
  • Width seat 44 cm
  • Width backrest 44 cm
  • Backrest shape : Lende
  • Height (min-max) 57-75 cm
  • Base : stainless steel, star-shapped, 5 wheels
  • Height adjustable: seat and backrest
  • Inclination adjustable seat and backrest
  • Upholstery: PU

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