MB HADEWE UNITS Suction or Spray

This motor is more than just a foot care unit. It is a unit that meets all the requirements of a modern pedicure. A brushless handpiece, a maximum speed of up to 40,000 rpm and very fine atomisation. Thanks to three memory functions switch quickly between different speeds. Swapping burs is a piece of cake. It just automatically locks into the handpiece. With a sturdy handle, you easily take the unit everywhere you go.

No time to lose

While you are working, you do not want to be bothered by your equipment. With a foot care unit, changing burs could not be easier thanks to the automatic fixation. In addition, thanks to 3 memory functions , you quickly alternate between different speeds. And as soon as you are done, a solid handle provides comfortable transport of your foot care unit.

Save where possible

Thanks to the fine atomisation, this unit is extremely economical. In addition, the handpiece is driven brushless, requiring less frequent maintenance. This way, you can continue to work and have a high quality machine at a competitive price.

Health first

For the safety of you and your environment, we think it is important that your pedicure unit does not emit any harmful substances. The removable tank of this unit should therefore only be filled with demineralised water, not alcohol. This way, you can rest assured that you work safely and according to the industry code for pedicures. After use, cleaning the engine is easy, thanks to the built-in buttons.

Follows you in every direction

If you are changing direction, so does your unit. Furthermore, the unit features a bright display and a pause and cleaning function. Finally, the unit  has a flexible hose with strain relief, resulting in higher resistance against movements. For a care-free work experience.


  • Large removable tank
  • Suitable for up to 6 clients per day
  • Internal spray
  • Very fine atomisation
  • Low energy consumption
  • Socket for optional foot switch
  • Clockwise or anticlockwise operation
  • Instruments are secured with a chuck
  • Not suitable for spray liquid

Technical specifications


  • Depth: 192 mm (130 mm top)
  • Width: 245 mm (284 mm including handpiece holder)
  • Height: 132 mm
  • Weight: 3.0kg
  • Voltage: 240V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Power: 120 W
  • Speed: 7,000 to 40,000 rpm


  • Bur fixation: automatic
  • Length: 141 mm
  • Width: 18-28 mm
  • Weight: 130g